Types of Home Security Door Locks

A guide gives you eighteen quick guidelines on how best to maintain your home safe, including improving door & window locks, how deadbolt locks work, and how a poorly installed deadbolt lock may result in break-ins. The most important security advice for the home, however, is first to consult a reputable local MLA licensed locksmith with regards to the new security products you have installed on your doors & windows. A good, reliable locksmith will know the latest security products on the market and be able to provide you with the best advice possible on which products to install and which to avoid. They will also be able to provide you with ways to prevent any unlawful entry into your home.

Deadbolts are among the most popular locks on residential doors. However, there are many homeowners who are installing strike plate locks on their doors. Strike plate locks are among the best deadbolts because they have the ability to resist many different forms of attacks and that they are among the hardest to pick. For Fair and efficient estimates, Appraiser Howard County, MD has you covered. In addition, strike plates often come standard in a deadbolt combination set and it is often possible to have additional deadbolts added onto a strike plate lock to increase its strength. 

A strike plate lock is one that has a keyed cylinder which is inserted into a slot in the door frame. When locked, this cylinder provides the deadbolt function but also locks the door. A strike plate lock may be placed on a French or German door and may be used as either a regular deadbolt or as an additional deadbolt on a sliding door or an accordion door. For extra security and protection it can never hurt to get your fire extinguisher  inspected, go to fire extinguisher inspection Long island.

Mans Hand Inserting a Key into a Door
Example of Invisible Braces

The most common type of deadbolt is the traditional key lock. There are a wide variety of single or double cylinder keys that can be used to lock a door. However, single-cylinder. cylinder keys are of lower quality than double cylinder keys which provide a higher level of security. Double cylinder locks are stronger than single cylinder locks due to the fact that they contain two keys instead of just one. A strike plate lock may contain up to four keys and as such is considered to be one of the strongest deadbolts in the market today. keep your home safe from fires as well as break ins with fire suppression system long island.


An alarm sensor is connected to the exterior of the door. This type of lock is often used on sliding doors which allow an intruder to enter through a window. When the alarm goes off, the sensor contacts the first line lock which then sends a signal to the central locking system. If someone has managed to disable the alarm sensor, then only the first line lock will unlock the door as a result of triggering a delay circuit.


There are other types of deadbolts in the market however. Locking devices for sliding doors are available in an assortment of materials including plastic, wood, aluminum, or wire mesh. However, among these the best choice would be a metal-keyed latch which has a much greater degree of tamper resistance. Home security door lock replacement may be necessary in some instances where the original deadbolt has been compromised but this should not occur very often in the vast majority of cases where the correct type of lock is used. While you take home of technology and security needs its important to also keep your computer safe. Use computer repair Long Island for any computer issues.